Hatha vinyasa yoga flow multilevel session to stretch your whole body and gain muscle and gain strength. It helps calm the mind and find more stability and will integrate basic warm-up sets for sport. You get your energy back and win youth. You will gain physical flexibility and that will give you flexibility in everything else. You will work the lower muscles, revitalizing your whole structure.


Yoga based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings that brings vitality, energy, health and welfare. You will sense your weaknesses and will face them. It strengthens the nervous system to respond better on stress. You will reeducate your breath and increase your lungs’ capacity.


Mindfulness space to observe how the mind works, how you can handle it for better quality of life. It will help you regulate your emotions, reduce stress level, enjoy your daily routine more, turn off the worries and have more mental clarity.


You will stretch and feel every muscle of your body. Movement, connection and play. Intense and progressive practice to prepare partner acrobatic poses, focussed to build safe and accessible forms one or more acrobatic training in each session.


Biological decoding mentoring with certified biodescoder Alba Balada. Biological Decoding is a complementary coaching and non-invasive method compatible with any other treatment or technique that is based on knowing the origin of symptoms. It aims to determine the coding mechanism of a disease (whether physical, mental, behavioral or existential) that manifests the body.


Childbirth preparation either physically and emotionally. Connection with the magic of motherhood and the community, the tribe that surrounds us and accompanies us. You are not alone. Relaxation for mothers and for babies. Managing stress and fatigue. Revitalizing yoga and body work for mothers after delivery. Hipopresive abs that restore the strength of the pelvic floor. Evolving practice until the baby is 2 years. Passive Yoga for babies, thet sense their body through the touch of mother, and feel the love and connection. Also muscle passive work for babies and massage techniques to help with colic pain. More info.

Frequently Asked Questions

No previous experience needed.

Multilevel sessions, focused on creating a good postural base.

Mats, blankets, pillows, water and all practical materials available in the studio.

At the end of the session, we take an infusion.

Relaxation is live music, usually with the piano. You will feel relax like never before and will disconnect.