Childbirth preparation physically and emotionally.

Sound- -Yoga Naad Yoga for moms and babies, musical instruments and therapeutic resources. Connection with unconditional love, fullness of being a mother and being a son/daughter. Mother Earth songs and mantras (chanting acupuncture) for moms and babies that bring moments of absolute calm and peace.

Relaxation for mothers and for babies. Managing stress and fatigue. Visualizations for self-esteem.

Overcoming messages. inspiring stories. Revitalizing yoga and body work of mothers after childbirth. Hipopresive abs that restore the strength of the pelvic floor.

Evolving yoga practice until the baby is 2 years. Asanas (postures) specific to work and help strengthen the pelvic floor, asanas with babies, vinyasas (Chained postures) with choreography and songs for babies are surrounded by loving voices. Asanas adapted to recover from delivery.

Breathe and take a break. Pranayamas, breathing specific techniques for any circumstance. The awakening of intuition.

Body Sensing, take the time to look after yourselfMindfulness and meditation techniques for moms. Disconnect outside, connect inside.

Acroyoga and yogic games for moms and babies. Building trust with laughter.

Passive Yoga for babies, so that through contact with their mothers feel the body, love and connect with their feelings and emotions. Massage and exercising for babies.

Free pedagogy basics, breastfeeding, yoga for kids, moms and babies therapies, routines and organization babies, personalized daily yogic practice.

Biodescoding patterns, symptoms or diseases of mothers and babies. Release what no longer serves us to breed with sensibilidar and authenticity.


2 hour morning session (11-13h). You can start from birth. Although there is a physical part that needs more time, you can relax, stretch, sing and meditate, for that it is never too soon. It flows to the rhythm of the baby, we change diapers, we breastfeed, we cry, we sleep. We live the present without expectation. We change perspective and go back to life with a more respectful and positive attitude towards it and with renewed energy.